The Brindonwood Syndrome – Steven Johansson



Lovoridu, a bucolic hamlet on the road to Shyta-na-Dobyo, is beset by a creeping danger. A mysterious illness is slowly draining the life from the village, as tensions run high and townsfolk turn on one another in their desperate search for answers. This remote community has been caught completely off guard by the crisis and help from the outside world always seems to be another few days away. Player characters will have to navigate the suppressed history of Lovoridu as well as the treacherous forest known as The Brindonwood if they hope to expose the festering secret at the heart of this unusual adventure.The Brindonwood Syndrome is a HackMaster adventure designed for a party of 5th to 7th level characters who arent afraid to get their hands dirty in search of the truth. There are ample opportunities for characters of all stripes to excel in their party role-if they dont succumb to the disease, themselves. Is that a tickle in your throat? Probably nothing.EAN: 9781365287930

Literatura obcojęzyczna

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