Sekhmet – Cynthia Skorlinski



Within the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt, seventeen-year-old Anneht knows it is a great time to be a woman. But everything changes when her brother enters a pyramid, finds a secret box that contains the cursed spirit of Queen Sekhmet, and opens it. As red sand spews out of the box and swirls around him, Anneht’s brother takes his last breath.Although Anneht has promised her father she will never enter the pyramids like her brother, curiosity and a thirst for a great adventure eventually lead her to the entrance of Sekhmet to unearth the box—and hopefully the truth. As she heads down the passageway and into the unknown, Anneht makes an amazing discovery that leads her to a new destiny.In this juvenile mystery, an Egyptian teenager sets out on a dangerous quest to discover the truth behind an ancient curse trapped inside a pyramid.EAN: 9781480836815

Literatura obcojęzyczna

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