Legend of the Mighty Sparrow Part 2 – Fletcher Bryan



This science fiction adventure represents the ultimate survivor genre, a hero against all odds, against powerful special interests too-big-to-fail, a system controlled by ultimate insiders who often seem hell-bent on obsession, the last war, escalation, and world economic domination, to create a brave new world, another dystopia.And the story focuses on a black site scientist with an urgent mission: to reach the next underground bunker with unparalleled destruction and equipment that smolders, a place with sections that have damage beyond description, beyond all known languages from some unknown experiment, as the experiment may have fractured time or seriously damaged a local aspect of the universe.As people often say the most important trait is location-location-location, a real estate term regarding a vital place or vulnerable point.And in this case, the concern is about a weapon of mass destruction, a favorite human pursue since prehistoric times, and this weapon is not a mother of all bombs, not MOAB or the insidious neutron bomb, but a new age experiment that directed a complex particle beam at a universal pressure point in space, universal defect in spacetime or support aspect, well, similar to the way someone brings down a high-rise building by damaging the main support beam, and in this case to collapse the universal wave function, as the universe may represent a bubble, a supreme algebraic bubble, a supreme bulkhead.And this secret military experiment, one without checks and balances, appears to have punctured the universe with a special warp bubble pierce, and might initiate deflation at faster than light speed, to deflate the universe, as space can move faster than light, which in this case will quickly collapse the universe, to bring about the End of Days, eschatology, the final events of history, and the ultimate human destiny.EAN: 9781524624460

Literatura obcojęzyczna

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