It Clicks – Allen Gliniewicz



In this book there are many detailed examples of the use of psychic hints to solve real world problems of many types.Within this short book, I have explained how to understand the spiritual symbolism of your dreams, meditations, movement, and the psychic symbolism from other sources. I’ve given as many examples as I could into these pages. But the question arose, how could I assure the reader he or she had come to the correct personal interpretation of their symbol?The answer comes from within the person seeing the symbol. This symbol is sent to its receiver to deliver a message, usually related to a current life situation. There are often a variety of possible meanings from which frequently the receiver is able to choose the one that feels right. But why does one meaning seem right and while others do not? Because the truth of this meaning lies somewhere deep within the receiving person. In other words, for him or her this is the true meaning, i.e., it clicks.That became the title of this book.There are many examples of conversations (i.e. meaningful expressions) to and from the unconscious, mutual respect is important, and the importance of another point of view, among other principles to build this relationship.Finally, the last chapter is a detailed description of the solution of a significant real world problem dealing with relativity, (this led to insights into spirituality and the nature of God). There are some new ways to understand our universes.EAN: 9781504370349

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