Incredible Hercules: The Complete Collection Vol.



The Greek Goliath is looking for some R&R – and hopes to find it in the arms of Namora! But theres no rest for warriors when the Amazons attack Atlantis What strange artifact are they searching for, and how do they plan to reshape the entire world? Amadeus Cho picks a side, but it might not be Hercs! Then, a classic origin tale is spun as Hercules ancient ascent from mere mortal to Olympian god is finally revealed! And as Hera consolidates power in the Olympus Group, Herc clashes with Norman Osborns Dark Avengers, including his half brother Ares! Plus, a terrible threat to the Dark Elves is a job for Thor! But what happens if the Odinson is unavailable? Presenting Thor-cules! (Hercu-Thor?) And at long last, Amadeus Cho learns the truth about what happened to his family! Collecting: Incredible Hercules (2007) 121-137


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